Thursday, August 6, 2015

Small and Mighty!

Downsizing is on the brain!  This month several of my reads had great articles and interesting tips.

Aside from purge, purge, and then purge again, here are some tips on how to make small spaces work.

High Contrast: darker stained floors and lighter wall color creates an illusion of more space

Open Up: remove as many doors to open up the flow of rooms.

Day Bed/Sofa
Ottoman Storage

Multifunction: Consider the use of a desk as a dining room table. What about an ottoman that offered storage for blankets or off-season clothes, a sleeper sofa for a get the picture!

For more tips on living small, check out lots of great ideas and information at

And, if this gets you inspired to simplify and downsize, call me!  Not only do I have a team of people who can help you streamline, I'm always up for adventures in house/condo hunting!

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